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FACT Bucks, short for Families and Carers Together in Buckinghamshire, is a group of parents and professionals who meet to discuss real issues that affect children and young people with additional needs and disabilities in Buckinghamshire.

Get in-touch: info@factbucks.org.uk

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Webinar – Emotionally Based School Avoidance

We have our second webinar on Friday 10th February on Emotionally Based School Avoidance with Bucks SENDIAS Service. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/emotionally-based-school-avoidance-fact-bucksbucks-sendias-service-webinar-tickets-526659170757 If you would like help and advice from Bucks SENDIAS Service please use the links below to their website and [...]

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Getting Involved

Getting involved

We have various new positions with FACT and Bucks CC if you are able to get involved.



Service commissioners and other professionals often need to get input from parents and carers and struggle to know how to get in contact with relevant people…

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