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Child to Adult transitions report

17th June, 2024|

The Healthwatch/FACT Bucks report on transitions from child to adult health services has been published and is available here. Its recommendations include clearer information for families; better communication of decisions to transfer or discharge; promotion of health/hospital passports; and better support for young people with mental health issues. A focus group of parents interested in PfA is currently being formed a FACT. Please let us know if you are interested in joining by emailing ...

Co-production Charter

23rd May, 2024|

Following on from Fact's Co-production training for SENDIAS, here is the link to the Co-production charter by Buckinghamshire Council. SEND co-production charter | Family Information Service (

2024 SEND survey

14th May, 2024|

Our annual parents and carers survey results are in. The aim of the survey is to capture the overall opinions and experience of families with children with special educational needs in the county. Only 14% of respondents feel that the SEN support plan is enough to meet their child’s needs, with approximately the same number saying that it is not helpful at all, leaving 70% saying that their SEN plan is partially meets need but more help...

Voice of the Child

13th May, 2024|

Andrew Howard, FACT Bucks' Team Leader, delivered training to members of the iSEND team this week as part of their ongoing CPD programme. He spoke about co-production and the importance of the Voice of the Child. His main themes were:- 1. Parents know their kids better than you 2. Working together produces better outcomes as they are owned 3. Hearing (not just listening to) the voice of the child is essential 4. Capturing the voice of the...

Could you be our Comms & Information Officer?

30th April, 2024|

FACT Bucks is seeking a motivated, flexible person with a passion to raise awareness of FACT Bucks and its work by further developing and maintaining a wide social media presence alongside regular face to face engagements. These provide families of SEND children and young people with regular updates on actions taken and opportunities to engage, as well as provide links to support groups and a flow of issues to...

National Wraparound Childcare Programme survey

22nd April, 2024|

National Wraparound Childcare Programme – Survey for Parent Carers As part of the National Wraparound Childcare Programme the Department for Education, with the support of the National Network of Parent Carer Forums, have developed a survey to better understand to what extent the current wraparound childcare offer for primary age children meets the needs of parents and children with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND). They are looking for parents of primary age children with a special...

Health Transitions 14+ Survey and Discussion

21st February, 2024|

Health Transitions 14+ FACT Bucks have been discussing with Healthwatch the challenges which face SEND YP as they transition away from Children’s Secondary Health Services (not GPs and Pharmacists) to Adult Secondary Specialist provisions. We are aware of the struggles that can and do face us all when our young people must move into adult services and that too often discharge from service seems to be a common theme. Healthwatch have agreed to undertake a research project...

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