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Free Online Anti-Bullying Tool for parents and carers

The Anti-Bullying Alliance have launched their new free Online Anti-Bullying Information Tool for parents and carers. The tool is interactive and designed to give parents and carers information about bullying. The tool will help parents if they:

  • are concerned that their child may be vulnerable to bullying at school.
  • are worried that their child might be being bullied.
  • are aware that their child is being bullied.
  • think or know that their child is bullying others.
  • just want to browse.

You can access this free resource at: http://anti-bullyingalliance.org.uk/advice/parents-carers/anti-bullying-tool-for-parents/

Transitions what to Expect?

transitions-pathwayA new web site has been developed which highlights what will happen as young people with special needs move from Children services into adulthood.

The web site is aimed at young people and their parents / carers. It gives information and advice as to what support is available for the young person.

Find out more from young people themselves about what will happen through watching their stories at: www.buckscc.gov.uk/transitions

Year 9 Person Centred Planning Review

My son, Matthew, is currently in year 9 at Maplewood School. He has autism, learning difficulties and has limited speech. He uses symbols, PECS, makaton signing and words to communicate. Matthew had his year 9 Person Centred Planning Transition Review in May. I was quite concerned to begin with because I had heard from others that their experience had not been positive, leaving the family with no clear picture of what was going on. However, for us with Matthew this did not appear to be the case.

Matthew's class teacher made an appointment with me to go into school so she could talk to me about the process – what to expect, how to prepare, who might be there and how Matthew would prepared. She gave me a manual to look through over the Easter holidays and then I started my own preparation.

Read more: Year 9 Person Centred Planning Review

Jobs and Getting Involved

We have various new positions with FACT and Bucks CC if you are able to get involved. Read More!


Service commissioners and other professionals often need to get input from parents and carers and struggle to know how to get in contact with relevant people...  Read more

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