Lockdown has changed so much for every family but for those with Children and Young People with SEND, routines and support upon which many rely have been altered beyond recognition. To understand these impacts and highlight where help may be needed, FACT Bucks and SENDIAS thought it was important to conduct a well-being survey to offer a snapshot of the experience of SEND families during the lockdown. So we collaborated to prepare and circulate an online survey aimed at understanding how families are experiencing support at this time; what is working well that could be replicated; and areas where more support may be needed.

The survey was issued to our contacts who have indicated that they are willing to undertake surveys and also more widely via the FACT Bucks website and FaceBook page and the Local Offer. The survey has also been distributed by colleagues in education. It was open for 1 week till this Wednesday. The outcome has been 1100 responses in just 7 days (for which we are most grateful) that provides a very meaningful snapshot of the well-being of our SEND families across the spectrum – with Plans and without – along with considerable numbers of insightful comments.

The summary output can be found below.

Key messages from the survey:
• On average, families with children with SEND in Buckinghamshire say they are coping during the COVID 19 pandemic.

• Families are finding that the type and amount of educational support being provided by schools varies from school to school, but on average they are satisfied with it.

• 82% of families would not want a school place if offered one at the time of the survey.

• Very few of those who were previously accessing short breaks are currently being offered any.

FACT Bucks and SENDIAS have shared anonymised data from the survey with strategic leaders in education, health and social care to inform their planning to support you. We will continue to reflect on your comments and use them to illustrate what is working well and less well currently. SENDIAS are contacting everyone who asked for a follow up call. We are using the information you gave to improve the resources and help we are offering during the COVID 19 pandemic.

If you participated in the survey, thank you.

We will repeat the survey towards the end of June. If you would like to receive the link to the June survey, please email or

COVID 19 survey summary of results

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know.