In late May, after considerable effort and repeated broken promises that it would be shared imminently, the final text of the IMPOWER report to which many parents contributed in October and November 2019 was shared with FACT Bucks. Alongside it was a note from the Head of Integrated SEND explaining the actions which have already been taken in light of it or at least actions that have been taken which coincide with its findings but many of which pre-date the final report. I apologise for the slight further delay in making it available to members.

FACT Bucks agreed to arrange parent participation in the data gathering exercises to underline the commitment of parent carers in Bucks to work with the Council to improve provision for SEND. We have been disappointed that the data collected from parents has not been shared with us as was promised at the outset. We are also disappointed that we were not asked to be involved in the process of receiving and acting upon the initial report offered by IMPOWER and by the considerable delay, even before COVID 19, in its appearance.

The Steering Group of FACT Bucks will be making a response to the report in due course with particular emphasis on the lack of coproduction in this exercise and in its outworking but would welcome any feedback from members on the content of the report and the actions identified by the Council, to assist in this process. Please send your thoughts to or via the FaceBook page.

IMPOWER report to Buckinghamshire November 2019

20200608 Covering Note to IMPOWER report from Hero Slinn