Bucks New University are holding a course called Flourishing Futures for parents of autistic children which will be held over two days in High Wycombe and Uxbridge.

Flourishing Futures

Free Workshops for Parents of Autistic Children

Flourishing Futures workshops are held over 2 days to help parents manage children’s anxiety and use a strengths-based development approach to help children thrive.

Our approach to understanding autism is unique and positive. The workshops are based on a new theory of autistic development and may help parents understand children’s unique presentation and various strategies to support them.

The workshops are being evaluated using questionnaires for parents to complete about themselves and their child, 3 times over 3 months. The questionnaires take about 15 minutes to fill in.

We are looking for parents in the High Wycombe and Uxbridge area to join us. There are options to attend on either a Friday or a Saturday.

The dates and locations are:
High Wycombe: Day 1: 5th or 6th July & Day 2: 12th or 13th July Venue: Bucks New University

Uxbridge: Day 1: 20th or 21st September & Day 2: 27th or 28th September Venue: Bucks New University

If you are interested, please get in touch using the email below for more information and application forms:

Please note that to be included in the workshops in either High Wycombe or Uxbridge all forms must be returned to Ruth by the 29th June

Research Team: Ruth Howard, Dr Piers Worth, Dr Matthew Smith, Professor Colin Martin
Ref: UEP2018Nov02