Coronavirus (COVID-19) Survey

Following the 1100 responses to the last survey, the Council has asked FACT Bucks and Bucks SENDIAS to repeat the exercise and so we are launching our second well-being and finance survey today to find out how Buckinghamshire families are continuing to cope with the COVID-19 restrictions and the slow reopening of schools in particular. To access the survey, please click the link below. The deadline will be the end of next Monday, 22nd June 2020. We are hoping it will continue to give a picture of what is working well and not so well for you at the moment. The results of the survey will be shared with Buckinghamshire Council and local health authorities to help with their planning and will also help us to work out how best to try to assist you. You may have received a similar survey last month and we thank all those who participated. The full results can still be accessed at The survey has given the Council and others a clear picture of wellbeing as well as reaffirming the willingness of parent carers to participate when asked. We do ask that you complete this month’s survey so we can continue to offer an insight into family life and the issues that need addressing. This survey relates only to children with SEND. Please complete the survey for your child with SEND. If you have more than one child with SEND, you may want to complete a survey for each child if your experience differs, for example if they attend different schools.